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Something About Us

We make your life easier.

We are Polite.

European at heart

Born and bred in Europe, we have the privilege of having lived in many countries, so we can adapt to your needs and preferences. And we speak eight languages, which never hurts.


Our team started working with European Commision programmes in FP5. Since then we successfully helped manage over 100 innovation projects.

Problem solvers

Each project is unique, and so are the challenges they pose. We’ve seen enough to keep open minds. We are pros at solving the mind-blowing maze of EU bureaucracy.

Our story?

We met many years ago in Barcelona. The company we worked at specialised in helping SMEs get their projects funded by the European Union. Our job was to manage projects and grants. We soon became friends.

We spent over 10 years working with EU projects, overcoming countless challenges to ensure client projects ended in success. We managed all sorts of situations and learned that no two projects are the same. Issues must be dealt with case by case to solve them properly and avoid problems during the audit.

Our favourite cases are the complicated ones. We like the challenge of seeing the big picture, investigating, researching and digging to get it just right. This gives us great satisfaction.

While working together we always came up with new ideas. How to improve processes, work more efficiently, support our clients, build up the team….  In time we came to understand what the perfect project management company should be like.

One day we decided the time for talk was over. We needed to take it to the next level and go live. And that we did.

Caring about others is in our roots. That’s why we called our company Polite., as written, with a full stop. A bit of Poland (=pol), a bit of Italy (=it), and a final “e” to emphasize our positive politeness towards our clients and ourselves.

Diversity and caring are important keywords. We are lucky to have an amazing team that shares our values and incredibly creative clients who enable our steady growth.

So far, so good. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.


Alicja & Silvia

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Polite Group Photo

The Team

Silvia Padovan


Alicja Grzegorzek Carrascosa


Anna Szathmáry

EU Project Advisor

Ewa Ciochoń

EU Project Advisor

Alicja Baryła

EU Project Advisor

Karolina Czaharynska

EU Project Advisor

Oana Ciuca

EU Project Advisor

Agata Mendrek

EU Project Advisor

Mélanie de Fays

EU Project Advisor
Aleksandra Slepak

Aleksandra Ślepak

EU Project Advisor

Cristina Garcia

EU Project Advisor


Customer Relations


“Working together with such an efficient and knowledgeable team as Polite. made navigating the sometimes-complex rules of H2020 a smooth journey. Being able to rely on their expertise have saved us a lot of time. Their can-do attitude, constructive feedback, and their great communication skills make them a solid partner for any H2020 beneficiary.“

Horizon 2020 beneficiary | X-ray imaging


"Polite. team in-depth knowledge of everything (and more) related to the EU project has been crucial for the success of our EU project. From the grant negotiation to the financial and legal reporting, they have made the difference in assuring a very smooth project execution. Very pragmatic and effective, we feel very confident knowing that Polite. is by our side."

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Sustainable building materials


"Polite. contribution in our SMEI project is very helpful. They helped us to build a system and way of working which gives opportunity to get all required support to meet tight deadlines of the project. We appreciate all the hard work in getting this done."

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Energy


"Worked with Polite. on complex financial, reporting and strategic issues within our EU project. And we are extremely happy with the swift response, the effective and pragmatic attitude as well as the kind and clever communication. But outmost, the great result."

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Music


"Polite. are the best of the best when it comes to H2020 project management. H2020 rules can seem like a foreign language - the team at Polite are natives. With their vast experience and knowledge they have made a key difference to the success of our project."

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | E-Health


"The Girls at Polite. are always available to clarify our doubts and to explain all the rules over and over again. We feel that our project is safe having them on board."

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Broadcasting


"We can honestly say that without Polite. we wouldn't have managed. They have superior knowledge about EU financial and legal regulations and their reporting templates and pre-checks saved us a lot of time. The staff is service-minded, proactive and hands-on. We enjoyed working together with them!"

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Packaging


"The team at Polite. know the rules inside out, and have been an essential helper in our successful Horizon 2020 grant process."

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Nanotechnology

United Kingdom

"They also provide us with quality material to work with, such as templates and checklists. They are always available to answer questions and help us manage the project. The personal treatment is magnificent."

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Food production


"Although we already have many years of experience in performing of EU projects, the Polite. colleagues are a really important and great support in the implementation of our project.”

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Airport flow management


"It is a pleasure knowing that you will always have someone to rely on for a project such as H2020. Their expertise and commitment towards making your project successful really adds value to the project itself."

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Cyber security


"Navigation through the EC rules is much easier with Polite. support on board. We´ve saved a lot of time and avoided many mistakes thanks to their guidance."

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Health - Cancer diagnosis


"Their response time and proactivity were remarkable, as well as experience and knowledge. They also helped us with procedures and specially reporting."

Horizon 2020 Beneficiary | Eco food production