Are you ready to manage a Horizon Europe project on your own?

You’re in the champions league of the most innovative companies in Europe – the Horizon Europe winners. You should be very proud and excited.

Once you recover from the emotion, remember that receiving a grant is just the beginning. In the end, the goal is not the grant but to finish the project successfully.

Are you prepared for all the paperwork that comes with the Horizon Europe project?

It is really important to treat the administrative and financial management seriously from the beginning. EU procedures are complex and it is often difficult to interpret some guidelines. The EC is very strict about the rules and incorrect interpretation cannot be used as an excuse. The EC can TERMINATE your grant at any time if they suspect irregularities in the project execution. Moreover, the EC can audit the proper implementation of the project and its costs up to 2 years after the project ends. If any irregularity is found, you’ll be asked to return the grant.

But no worries, you can get it right from the start. To this end we have prepared a checklist to help you identify what you may need to learn and/or prepare. Luck favours those who are prepared!



  1. Have you read the Annotated Grant Agreement (the 200-page guide on how to interpret the Grant Agreement rules)?
  2. Do you know how to correctly prepare the contracts with contractors, subcontractors and other third parties according to the EC requirements?
  3. Do you know how to properly assign staff to the project and which time recording systems the EC considers reliable?
  4. Do you know the internal policies you need implement in a Horizon Europe project, and how?
  5. Do you know what changes to your accounting system are needed to report costs according to Horizon Europe rules?
  6. Do you know how to make freelance work eligible as personnel costs?
  7. Do you understand the personnel cost calculation methodologies, and which one is the best for your company?

If you answered “No” to three or more of the questions, you should seriously consider getting some help because there’s a real risk of losing the grant.

You can contact us for free assessment to better understand your obligations towards the EC.

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