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How to update your Horizon Europe project budget

10.03.2023 | Ewa Ciochoń
You did your best to plan your project budget in detail and ensure the project is financially feasible. However, in such an innovative project, there are many unexpected factors that may impact the budget estimation. The good news is that...

Can I charge the cost of freelance work on Horizon Europe projects?

09.03.2023 | Alicja Baryła
Collaboration with freelancers is increasingly popular in many companies, especially if you need to acquire very specific skills. So at the start of your Horizon Europe project you may wonder whether these costs are eligible or not. First, some background...

Tips and Tricks for the EIC AI Platform

24.02.2023 | Isabell Tributsch
The EIC AI Platform is the online platform for EIC Accelerator proposal submissions and subsequent edits of the submitted proposal. We offer a few tips and tricks on how to handle the platform once you win the grant and in...

Can an affiliated entity participate in your Horizon Europe project?

10.02.2023 | Mélanie de Fays
As the beneficiary of a Horizon Europe (HE) grant you might wonder: can another entity work with you on your project? The Grant Agreement (GA) foresees several possibilities such as affiliated entities, associated partners and subcontractors each with different rights...

How to write the Communication Plan for your EIC project

03.02.2023 | Isabell Tributsch
Communication activities are mandatory for all Horizon Europe projects, including EIC Accelerator projects. By signing the Grant Agreement, you agree to Article 17 of the Model Grant Agreement to “promote the action and its results by providing targeted information to...

What are SME Owner costs in Horizon Europe?

27.01.2023 | Mélanie de Fays
If you’re starting your Horizon Europe project and are wondering which costs are eligible, it’s a good time to discuss SME Owner costs. Before talking about how to charge SME Owner costs to your HE project, let’s make sure we’re...
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