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Are bonuses eligible as Horizon Europe personnel costs?

16.05.2023 | Alicja Baryła
You’ve got the Horizon Europe funding and you want to pay a bonus to everyone for their hard work on the application. It’s a team success and employees should be rewarded! But wait. Can you actually charge a bonus to...

Can I charge the cost of freelance work on Horizon Europe projects?

09.03.2023 | Alicja Baryła
Collaboration with freelancers is increasingly popular in many companies, especially if you need to acquire very specific skills. So at the start of your Horizon Europe project you may wonder whether these costs are eligible or not. First, some background...

What are SME Owner costs in Horizon Europe?

27.01.2023 | Mélanie de Fays
If you’re starting your Horizon Europe project and are wondering which costs are eligible, it’s a good time to discuss SME Owner costs. Before talking about how to charge SME Owner costs to your HE project, let’s make sure we’re...

Time Recording System in Horizon Europe

19.12.2022 | Christopher Morgan
Calculating personnel costs in Horizon Europe projects can sometimes be quite the nightmare. However, using a trustworthy time recording system is key to avoid losing some of your well-needed grant. Time recording is an essential part of your project management...

How to calculate personnel costs in Horizon Europe

19.12.2022 | Ewa Ciochoń
Companies often struggle with calculating personnel costs, mainly due to the very specific Horizon Europe rules and formulas that need to be applied when declaring personnel costs in a HE – funded project. Consequently, it is also the most common...

Benefits in kind – are they eligible in H2020?

13.04.2022 | Mélanie de Fays
If you are in the middle of your EIC H2020 financial reporting or starting to look at which personnel cost are eligible for your project… look no further! Let us clarify benefits in kind and save you a migraine. Benefits...

Work cost of the SME owner in H2020 project

26.09.2018 | Ewa Ciochoń
In general, the remuneration of SME owners who work on their SMEI project is eligible. (i.e. declare hours spent on the implementation of the project) SME owners with an employment contract and a monthly salary can declare their work costs to...

Time recording in the H2020 SME Instrument

12.07.2018 | Anna Szathmáry
In order to ensure personnel costs are eligible and reimbursed by the EU Commission, beneficiaries must keep reliable time records for the hours worked on the action. The measuring system must be auditable and justified with sufficient persuasive evidence. This is very important. Failure to keep proper...
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