Can I start commercializing my results before H2020 project termination?

Time is money. The main goal of your action is to prepare the innovation for successful market rollout at the earliest date possible. Although EU Projects have a timeframe with established deadlines that are difficult to deviate from, if the work plan is on or ahead of schedule you may consider starting your EU project results commercialization or at least part of the results before the action ends.

According to the EU Commission, you are not only allowed but encouraged to commercialize your results as soon as possible, always taking into consideration the rules that apply.

Am I allowed to charge the corresponding costs?

While you are working on your project, the results which are ready for commercialization can be exploited if no further work is requested on them. Once your EU project results commercialization begins, however, no further expenditures are eligible on those results, since costs related to early exploitation cannot be charged to your grant (for example materials purchased for production).

Unfinished project tasks, on the other hand, must still be executed in line with the work plan and the corresponding costs can be declared on your project.

Worth thinking about before the EU project results commercialization

Early commercialization can place you a step ahead of your competitors to gain a competitive edge. But if you want to keep that edge, make sure your results are properly protected before starting to sell!

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