How to improve your HE communication plan

The communication plan is an important tool to ensure that the results of your Horizon Europe project are shared and reach the intended target audience. A good communication plan can help you attract important stakeholders, enhance your visibility, and generate market demand.

There are a few tips and tricks to help you to maximise the impact of the activities in your communication plan, especially for EIC Accelerator projects. If you want to learn the basics of a communication plan, make sure to check out our article on how to write a communication plan.

Use simple language – The goal of your communication activities should be to make your audience understand the importance, benefits and context of your project. Bear in mind that your content will be seen by non-specialists as well and should use less technical language to help them easily understand the goals and purpose of the project.

Assign roles and responsibilities – Make sure to assign clear roles and responsibilities to implement the communication plan. Overlapping roles and/or missing leads can cause confusion and delays.

Allocate resources to your communication activities – Time and money are needed for an effective communication plan. Be sure that you have allocated sufficient resources to implement your planned communication activities.

Use creative content – People rely in great part on visuals to process new information. It is therefore recommended to reduce writing and instead use visuals to convey your message. Nonetheless, creative storytelling will also engage an audience. Share your message by building on a narrative that will captivate your audience.

Make use of EC channels – Amplify your messages via the available EC channels and share your news via:

Be ready for the unexpected – There might be sudden changes such as new relevant and effective channels, stakeholders or events that were not foreseen in your project plan. Keep resources at hand to respond effectively to new developments. The communication plan should be a live document and adapted when necessary to ensure your communication activities are relevant and efficient.

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