How to write the Communication Plan for your EIC project

Communication activities are mandatory for all Horizon Europe projects, including EIC Accelerator projects. By signing the Grant Agreement, you agree to Article 17 of the Model Grant Agreement to “promote the action and its results by providing targeted information to multiple audiences”.

Besides the contractual obligation, it is in your project’s best interest to set up a good communication plan at the beginning of your project to ensure that your results are shared and reach your target audiences. Here are some key insights on what to include in an effective communication plan.

What should be included in a communication plan?

An effective communication plan should include six main components: objectives, target audience, key messages, channels, KPIs and specific timelines.

Components Description & Examples
Objectives Define clear communication objectives derived from the overall project objectives to capture public interest about the topic. The objectives should be measurable outcomes or results that you plan to achieve by the end of the project.
Target Audience Identify the target audience you want to reach, including the media and the general public. You must know what and how much they know, what channels they are using, etc. By understanding who you want to reach, you can formulate messages and use appropriate channels.
Key messages Personalize the messages per target audience and formulate them clearly and concisely. Highlight the benefits of your project for your target audience, including the impact and how the target audience might benefit from your project results.
Channels Specify the most appropriate channels you want to use to disseminate your key messages and project results. Keep in mind the target audience and ensure that they can be reached via the chosen channels.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Defining KPIs will help you measure the success of your communication activities. It is important to constantly evaluate the impact of your communication activities to learn from them and adapt them to increase the impact later.
Timelines Determine a timeline for your communication activities. While general information can be shared early on, such as brand information, general objectives, etc., some project results are only available later. By specifying timelines, you ensure that communication activities are implemented at the right time to achieve maximum impact.


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