Reporting in H2020 projects for SMEI and EIC Accelerator

As stated in article 20 of your Grant Agreement (GA), for reporting in H2020 projects both technical and financial reports are mandatory. What do these entail and when should they be done? Let’s dig into specifics.

When to report your work?

Reporting is linked to the duration of your H2020 project. The average duration is 24 months which means the project is usually divided into 2 reporting periods.

For SME Instrument (SMEI) projects you must submit the report within 60 days following the end of all reporting periods.

For EIC Accelerator projects you must submit the periodic report within 15 days following the end of the reporting period. For the final report you have 60 days, the same as under the SMEI.

What should be reported as a SMEI or EIC beneficiary?

Keep in mind that H2020 projects reporting differs between the SMEI and EIC programs.

For the SMEI, all periodic and final reports consist of:

  • General and Statistical information on the project and the SME – including updates on the status of deliverables, milestones and critical risks, as well as economic and societal impact (future turnover, gender balance, dissemination and exploitation of results, etc.)
  • Technical reporting – containing explanation of all the work carried out per work package and affiliated tasks. This also includes any deviation between the work done and what was foreseen in the GA.
  • Financial reporting – all eligible amounts including in-depth information called “explanation of the use of resources” are documented in the financial statement.

For the EIC, periodic reporting has been restructured with a newly introduced feature: progress meetings. This implies additional continuous reporting in the form of face-to-face or virtual meetings that can be organized more or less every six months with the EC.

For this reason, EIC periodic reports are composed of:

  • General and Statistical information on the project and the SME.
  • Reduced financial statement – after calculating all eligible costs you will need to fill in a pre-financing statement to declare how much you have spent during the period.

The EIC final reporting is identical to the SMEI. In addition, be aware that both SMEI and EIC final reports require a certificate on the financial statements (CFS) to finalize the project.

If your SME was just awarded a H2020 Grant or you are already half-way into your project and have doubts regarding H2020 reporting, don’t hesitate to contact for more information and guidance.