The Annotated Model Grant Agreement – What You Need to Know

Starting on your adventure with the EIC Accelerator, it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of papers to be prepared, signed and analysed. If you have already signed your Grant Agreement (GA), you are aware that this is the most important document that will guide you through the project. Therefore, you need to know it very well…

…but wait, what about another document called the Annotated Model Grant Agreement (AMGA)? Is it important? The answer is definitely YES.

If you are familiar with all the GA provisions and still do not feel confident about executing your project, don’t worry! The European Commission is aware that some rules might not be 100 percent clear to beneficiaries. That is why they provide the AMGA.

The AMGA contains interpretations of the GA provisions and a set of practical examples to resolve doubts that may arise while applying the rules in practice. The aim of the document is to make your project life easier, to help you better understand the GA rules and to avoid mistakes that can happen during project execution and the reporting periods.

In practice, before applying any GA provision to your project you should always check the AMGA to make sure you understand a given rule correctly. The main differences between the two documents are as follows:

Grant Agreement Annotated Model Grant Agreement
Legally binding, signed by the beneficiary To be used as a guideline for your GA, not signed by the beneficiary
Includes specific legal provisions applicable to the project Includes interpretations of legal provisions applicable to the project
Includes details of your project It is the same for all Horizon Europe projects


Now you know why the AMGA is so important, but be careful when using it. The final version for Horizon Europe has not been published yet (January 2023). Only the pre-draft is available at this moment. What is more, the EC periodically updates this document, which may affect the implementation of some rules applicable to your project. You should always go to the EC website and check the most recent version.

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