Why you need a communication plan for your H2020 project

Communication is a mandatory activity in the Grant Agreement of your EU funded project. Although there is no requirement to create a separate communication plan, with some thinking and planning you can communicate your project in a more effective manner. The ultimate goal is to reach out to a wide audience beyond the project’s own community.

Communication plan: you must be clear with what you want to say, to whom, how, why and when

The key is to stay in line with the strategic plan of the project and select the activities that are best suited to achieve its objectives.

A comprehensive communication plan identifies and defines:

  • clear communication objectives derived from the overall project objectives to capture public interest about the topic,
  • target groups that you want to reach, including the media and the public,
  • key messages for each target group highlighting the benefits of your project for society, such as how the action relates to our everyday lives and why the target audience needs to know about it,
  • the right tools to inform about your project activities and increase its impact in different ways,
  • specific timelines and deadlines for concrete activities you plan to implement.

Communication is about making the audience understand the importance and context of the things you tell them.

That’s why it is important to use less technical language to help non-experts easily recognize the goals and purpose of your project.

Where to gain visibility for your project

Communication can be approached in different ways. One-way communication includes channels such as a project website, social media, press releases, brochures, newsletters, radio, video, etc.

On the other hand, more interpersonal, two-way communications may include participation in a conference, exhibitions, meetings or workshops – more face-to-face type of activities.

All these tools represent a unique opportunity for the beneficiary to improve public understanding of the project’s main objectives and their influence on it.

So don’t wait too long and start planning your strategic and targeted communication measures to promote the action from day one.

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