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Legal and Financial Management in Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020

You focus on your innovation. We deal with the bureaucracy.


Why Polite


It is easy to get lost in the maze of regulations during an EU-funded project.


Simple mistakes can lead to bad outcomes if not solved in a timely manner. Grants can be revoked, audits launched and projects ruined.

That is why Polite. To manage legal and financial liabilities in EU-funded projects and help you get it right.


With over three hundred projects under our belt, we are experts in the rules and can provide the specific support you need.

We believe in helping companies that are working hard to innovate. To us, your project is more than just another job.

Our services


At Polite we offer a diversity of services to support your project. Our approach is flexible because no two projects are alike.


Drawing on our long experience, we carefully tailor every service to fit your project like a glove.

SME Validation and Check, LEAR Appointment

Support in preparing the legal documents requested by the European Commission (EC) to validate SME status and appoint the Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR)

Getting this right from the start can save trouble down the line.


Tailor-made workshops to help you to understand the Horizon Europe programme rules, how to report the costs and avoid mistakes that can put the Grant at risk

It never hurts to know exactly what you are getting in to.

Grant Management

Support in fulfilling EC administrative and financial requirements to close the Grant Agreement Preparation phase without delays

The sooner this is done, the sooner the first pre-financing payment becomes available.

Audit Support

Preparation, checking and final revision of all financial and administrative documents to be provided in case of an EC audit

This is not the kind of problem you want to face without reliable and experienced assistance.

Legal Support

Support in legal arrangements with partners, subcontractors, third parties and freelancers (draft/revision of service contracts and consortium agreements)

A clear understanding of the complex regulations for these matters is key to avoiding liabilities.

Financial Reporting

Support with cost planning and preparation of financial reports, including cost statements and use of resources. This is the bottom line of your project health

If you do not have a full-time accountant with extensive knowledge in EU projects on the payroll, call us. You will not regret it.

About us

European vocation


Being European is bigger than any one country. We were born here, but more importantly we have also lived in various other EU countries throughout our lives, giving us first-hand experience in the diversity of the European territories. This allows us to adapt to your project no matter where you are located. And we speak thirteen languages, which also helps.







Problem solvers

Navigating the legal and financial liabilities of EC-funded projects can be complicated. Unexpected problems happen. To solve them requires experience, creativity and fluency in the language of EU bureaucracy. Each project is unique and so are its challenges, so we keep an open mind. There is always a way.

Our story

Alicja Grzegorzek Carrascosa

Background in finance

obrazek państwa

Silvia Padovan

Background in law

obrazek państwa
How we became Polite

We were not always Polite. Before founding our enterprise, we worked together in another company managing EU projects and grants. For ten years we faced every kind of situation and became native speakers of EU project language. The more complicated the case, the more we enjoyed it.


We also shared ideas and insights. How to improve processes, be more efficient, support our clients, build up the team…. A vision of the ideal project management company took form. When the day came, we were ready.


A touch of Alicja’s homeland of Poland (Pol), a pinch of Silvia’s Italy (It) and the “E” of European vocation made us Polite. With a full stop, because we care. We’ve built an amazing team and grown with our incredibly creative clients. Every day a little closer to our vision. And we’ll do our best to keep it that way, whatever the future has in store.

How we work


We support you from the very start of the project to the final payment

With flexibility

Our solutions are unique, as your project and its challenges


We anticipate actions and advise you in advance

Up to speed

We are up to date with the complex EU rules and select information for you


For 16 years we faced every kind of situation and became native speakers of EU projects language.




EU projects




Sectors covered


Not to boast, but we have fans out there.


E-Health solutions


Polite are the best of the best when it comes to H2020 project management. H2020 rules can seem like a foreign language – the team at Polite are natives. With their vast experience and knowledge they have made a key difference to the success of our project.

Airport flow management


The Polite team supports us within our H2020 SME Instrument Project with its deep and up-to-date knowledge about the EU and the Horizon 2020 program and all related legal and financial regulations.
Although we already have many years of experience in performing of EU projects, the Polite colleagues are a really important and great support in the implementation of our project.

Healthcare solutions


Polite’s team of experts have been an invaluable help to the project management and coordination of our H2020 project. We have enjoyed working with the Polite team and look forward to working with them again for future projects!

Automotive industry


Polite supported us in an excellent way during our whole H2020 project with reporting and controlling of every relevant aspect in the fairly complex project structure. They have deep expertise regarding rules and regulations of these EU funding initiatives and are highly committed to their client projects. Thank you very much for the great support and many extramiles! It was a great pleasure to work with you.

Wireless technologies


Polite perfectly supported us in navigating the complicated waters of H2020 project management. We are very satisfied with the way everything went. We always got reminders for important deadlines, were promptly attended every time we reached out and were well prepared for all the challenges that arose.

Production and logistics


Polite supported us perfectly in the management & coordination of the H2020 project. The experience, overview and proactive support made a big difference. We would like to thank them for the trustful cooperation.

Healthcare solutions


True to their name, Polite has demonstrated exceptional patience, close demeanour, availability, commitment, and professionalism during our collaboration. Their dedication and proactive approach in understanding project objectives were crucial in ensuring our success. Their expertise proved invaluable, and we look forward to future collaborations.

Food production


Our current collaboration with the Polite is being very beneficial. They have extensive knowledge of the EC’s work system and its procedures, which have facilitated our work system adaptation . Furthermore, they provide work material as templates or examples. In addition, they are always available to answer questions and help us manage the project at any time. And personal treatment is magnificent.

Smart buildings


Polite team in-depth knowledge of everything (and more) related to the EU project has been crucial for the success of our EU project. From the grant negotiation to the financial and legal reporting, they have made the difference in assuring a very smooth project execution. Very pragmatic and effective, we feel very confident knowing that Polite is by our side.

Artificial intelligence


Polite was great. I was working on the project remotely from the US and they were cool with the time zone challenge. Meetings at 9 PM? No problem! Thanks to them my reporting was impeccable. 10/10 would recommend.



Polite helps us to focus on our business. Beyond project management support we strongly value Polite’s deep understanding of the processes, deliverables and interactions. It allows to foresee and adjust to ensure hitting our goals and complying with our commitments, with minimum internal resources. Polite is a must have partner to any start up aiming at scaling its technology and business through a European program.

Wastewater treatment


Not just Polite but patient too. We had many challenges in our project and Polite met with us several times to help solve our doubts and show us the way to success. We can vouch for their expertise and hope to work with them again soon.

Health-cancer diagnosis


Our experience with Polite has been absolutely positive. Thank you so much for your great work. We definitely hope to work with you again in the future.

Eco food production


We have worked with Polite for almost two years in the management of an H2020 SME Instrument Phase2 project. We had no experience in managing European projects and really appreciate the work performed by the Polite team. Their response time and proactivity were remarkable, as well as experience and knowledge of how “the real thing works”. Since they work for different companies, projects and countries, they have updated information on what to do, what to say, what to write. They also helped us with procedures and specially reporting. We definitely do and will recommend Polite to other companies.



It is a pleasure knowing that you will always have someone to rely on for a project such as H2020. Their expertise and commitment towards making your project successful really adds value to the project itself. It is clear that having to comply with EC standards, can only be done with maximum internal effort, and with the external support from the best.



The Girls at Polite are always available to clarify our doubts and to explain all the rules over and over again. We feel that our project is safe having them on board.



As a Polish company with a subsidiary in Spain, working with Polite saved us a lot of effort, time and complications. Not only do they speak both Polish and Spanish, they are very familiar with specific rules in both countries. Dziękuję and gracias for the support!



We can 100% recommend Polite. Such a professional and client-oriented approach is rare – it is not a client-supplier relationship, but rather partner-to-partner. They are very flexible, and we gained a lot of added value and guidance from their side.



Being a small start-up company with limited experience from EU grants and few resources we can honestly say that without Polite we wouldn’t have managed. They have superior knowledge about EU financial and legal regulations and their reporting templates and pre-checks saved us – and the PO – a lot of time. The staff is service-minded, proactive and hands-on. We enjoyed working together with them!



Working together with such an efficient and knowledgeable team as Polite made navigating the sometimes-complex rules of H2020 a smooth journey. Being able to rely on their expertise have saved us a lot of time. Their can-do attitude, constructive feedback, and their great communication skills make them a solid partner for any H2020 beneficiary.

Music intelligence technology


Worked with Alicja on complex financial-, reporting and strategic issues within our EU project. And we are extremely happy with the swift response, the effective and pragmatic attitude as well as the kind and clever communication. But outmost, the great result.

Wastewater treatment


Polite has been an essential partner for our EU-funded project. Their expertise and support are invaluable, ensuring our projects stay on track and compliant with regulations. We highly recommend their services.

Health-cancer diagnosis


Navigation through the EC rules is mich easier with Polite support on board. We´ve saved a lot of time and avoided many mistakes thanks to their guidance.

Biopharmaceutical industry


Polite are definitely top-tier in everything that has to do with your EU project management. EIC rules and regulations are built like a labyrinth, you often need an actual guide to lead you through. The team at Polite are experts! Always responsive, they navigate you with experience, come up with the best solutions and all-in-all have a significant part in the success of our programme.


United Kingdom

The team at Polite knows the rules inside out, and have been an essential helper in our successful H2020 grant process.

Human-machine interfaces

United Kingdom

As soon as our project successfully terminated, we said a big “Thank you!” to Polite for the fantastic support provided to our company last 2+ years as we navigated our way through the complexity of the Horizon 2020 process. Without the Polite team’s expert guidance, patient explanations and rapid responses to questions we would not have had such a successful result. It has been a pleasure to work with such a professional organisation, and we hope that one day we may be able to work together again.



Polite has been our companion de route in every step of the EU project. We have had a bumpy road with 3 amendments, change in project officers, etc. Without the help of Polite it would have been very tough to ensure decent reporting. But Polite professionalism and structured approach has made it an easy and enjoyable journey. Our project has been evaluated positive on all aspects, and we have even received a recommendation to apply for equity only.

Solar and wind power


Polite’s knowledge and professionalism has helped us being prepared for every step of the journey in the EU project. Without their help we would have had a lot of waste of time and energy by unforeseen or unknown issues (reporting, cost allocation, preparation of review meetings, etc…). Instead, now we could focus on executing the project and growing our business.

Aerial intelligence


Thank you Polite team for your hard work, support and guidance at critical points over the last years on our project – from Grant Agreement signature to final payment! It has been a pleasure to have worked with you on this project! It was a lot of hard work but I wouldn’t hesitate a bit to work with you again.



The Polite team was an amazing support in the execution of the project. We could focus on the actual work while the team supported us with all financial and administrative services. From the beginning, they made sure we have the right documentation in place so that the final reporting was a smooth process. The Polite team saved us huge amount of human and financial resources.



After the experience of working with Polite, we have recommended other companies to do the same. It is definitely worth the cost! There are many reasons to enlist the support of consultants, but for us the main reason was the same as hiring a lawyer before going to court. Even after everything we have learned during our project, we will count on them again for the next one.

Motor industry


Let’s be honest, the H2020 administrative formalities are hell. There are many different rules, a complex portal, and more than a thousand pages of how to properly report expenses. We were happy we could count on Polite to help us navigate through the processes, properly file the reports, and in the end get everything approved on time and at the first attempt. I would definitely re-use them again!

Power production


Polite contribution in our SMEI project is very helpful. They helped us to build a system and way of working which gives opportunity to get all required support to meet tight deadlines of the project. We appreciate all the hard work in getting this done.

Intercultural communication


For non-profit organizations the Horizon 2020 system could be difficult to navigate. Working with Polite was the best decision our organization made. Their professionalism, experienced and qualified team made everything easier, clearer and polite! It was a turning point in our capacity to become eligible for EU funding.

Industrial Internet of Things


We’ve been working with Polite for 2 years and it was a very good collaboration. Their reactivity, their precision in project planning and deadline management as well as their strong experience in European Funding projects made our life easier and our project successful.

Quantum computing


Receiving the money can be even more challenging than being a winner! Fortunately for us, Polite was able to guide us through all the steps necessary to set up the project. Their in-depth knowledge of the EIC’s expectations saved us many precious months. Their support throughout the project also allowed us to avoid any mistakes that could cost us a considerable amount of money. Thank you, Polite!

Smart buildings


Polite is our safety net. Even if had some good knowledge of the EIC before, when it comes to implementing the project nothing compares with the hands on experience their team accumulated over many years of startup stories. Communication with Polite goes great and we definitely can focus on our development work better, knowing the admin side is under control.

Internet of Things solutions


We really appreciated the collaboration with Polite. Many lessons have been taught and it was wonderful to see that we managed to close out the project successfully. Let’s keep in touch and thanks for the ride with H2020!

Artificial intelligence


Polite provided us with an exemplary support for our EU grant project. They are deeply knowledgeable in the fine details of EIC reporting requirements and ensured that we always delivered the right reports with the right content at the right time. Several times their intervention was critical in avoiding issues. We are very happy to recommend their services, and would work with them again.

Medical device


Thank you for all your support over the years. It has been incredibly helpful, and I’m sure we would have struggled with many EC things if we had not had your help and input. It has been a long project, so thank you for being there all the way.

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