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Communication and dissemination: two sides of the same coin

15.11.2023 | Lucie Pacho Aljanati
EU Regulation 2021/695 establishing Horizon Europe and all relevant regulating documents (HE Programme Guide, the EIC work programme, Annotated Grant Agreement) states that beneficiaries must promote the project and its results as well as ensure the visibility of EU funding....

How to improve your HE communication plan

11.05.2023 | Isabell Tributsch
The communication plan is an important tool to ensure that the results of your Horizon Europe project are shared and reach the intended target audience. A good communication plan can help you attract important stakeholders, enhance your visibility, and generate...

How to write the Communication Plan for your EIC project

03.02.2023 | Isabell Tributsch
Communication activities are mandatory for all Horizon Europe projects, including EIC Accelerator projects. By signing the Grant Agreement, you agree to Article 17 of the Model Grant Agreement to “promote the action and its results by providing targeted information to...

Why you need a communication plan for your H2020 project

18.03.2021 | Agata Mendrek
Communication is a mandatory activity in the Grant Agreement of your EU funded project. Although there is no requirement to create a separate communication plan, with some thinking and planning you can communicate your project in a more effective manner....

Communication in H2020 projects – why is it so important?

18.03.2021 | Agata Mendrek
What is it that makes a SMEi and EIC Accelerator H2020 project successful? Is a successful project one that reaches the planned results? Certainly yes, but no matter how great the results, it makes little difference if no one knows...