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The Annotated Model Grant Agreement – What You Need to Know

24.01.2022 | Alicja Baryła
Starting on your adventure with the EIC Accelerator, it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of papers to be prepared, signed and analysed. If you have already signed your Grant Agreement (GA), you are aware that...

H2020 project extension: is time on your side?

16.07.2021 | Anna Szathmáry
Your project duration is established at the proposal stage and confirmed during the Grant preparation before the project starts. Every task and work package has an established lifetime with deliverables to submit at the end to document the progress. However, research projects...

Can an affiliated company participate in my H2020 project?

06.07.2021 | Karolina Czaharyńska
Yes, your affiliated company can be involved in the project as a linked third party. However, in order to keep in line with H2020 rules, a few principles need to be kept in mind. First, what is a linked third...

Do not forget about the Certificate on Financial Statements in your H2020 project!

21.05.2021 | Alicja Baryła
Have you ever heard of the Certificate on Financial Statements (CFS)? If you are a H2020 grant beneficiary, you should definitely be familiar with it! What is the CFS? The Certificate on Financial Statement is an obligatory audit document for...

Company policies in H2020 project – Do I need them?

20.05.2021 | Mélanie de Fays
If you are wondering whether you need company policies to implement your H2020 project, that is a good question… and we have answers for you! The Grant Agreement doesn’t give much information on this issue. The only explicit reference can...

Grant payments in H2020 project: show me the money

19.05.2021 | Ewa Ciochoń
Have you won a grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC)? Then you are probably wondering how grant payments are scheduled, when exactly you get the money and what you need to do to receive it. Let us explain. A...
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