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Horizon Europe amendments in 5 steps

31.05.2023 | Alicja Baryła
The Grant Agreement (GA) is the most important document of your Horizon Europe project. It includes all the legal and financial rules, as well as the detailed plan for project implementation and budget estimation. You did your best to plan...

The EIC Accelerator Business Plan

26.05.2023 | Isabell Tributsch
The application for EIC Accelerator funding consists of several steps: short application, full application, and interview. The EIC Accelerator Business Plan is part of the full application and plays an important role for your project as it is the main...

How to prove ‘best value for money’ in your Horizon Europe Project

18.05.2023 | Christopher Morgan
Congratulations! You did it! After a rigorous application process, you’ve finally been selected as beneficiary of a coveted Horizon Europe grant. Then suddenly, as you go about pushing your innovation forward, the EC appointed auditor asks you “How are you...

Are bonuses eligible as Horizon Europe personnel costs?

16.05.2023 | Alicja Baryła
You’ve got the Horizon Europe funding and you want to pay a bonus to everyone for their hard work on the application. It’s a team success and employees should be rewarded! But wait. Can you actually charge a bonus to...

A know-how guide to SME self-assessment in Horizon Europe

15.05.2023 | Christopher Morgan
You’ve just been informed by the European Commission that you have been selected as a beneficiary of one of their coveted grants for Small or Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). You then find yourself under a mountain of paperwork to do, documents...

Subcontracting and purchase costs in Horizon Europe: what’s the difference?

12.05.2023 | Javier Garcia Dominguez
Goods and services providers play a key role in Horizon Europe projects. Their timely provision of services of the required quality is a key driver to achieve the objectives of the project. These services fall within two distinct cost categories:...
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