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Benefits in kind – are they eligible in H2020?

13.04.2022 | Mélanie de Fays
If you are in the middle of your EIC H2020 financial reporting or starting to look at which personnel cost are eligible for your project… look no further! Let us clarify benefits in kind and save you a migraine. Benefits...

How to prove you are an SME

15.03.2022 | Mélanie de Fays
Horizon Europe, the EU’s innovation programme from 2021 to 2027, was established by the European Innovation Council (EIC) with a €10 billion budget. The EIC supports companies (mainly start-ups and SMEs) with grants and equity for groundbreaking innovations at different...

Are you ready to manage a Horizon Europe project on your own?

22.02.2022 | Alicja Grzegorzek Carrascosa
You’re in the champions league of the most innovative companies in Europe – the Horizon Europe winners. You should be very proud and excited. Once you recover from the emotion, remember that receiving a grant is just the beginning. In...

OLAF – should I be worried?

18.02.2022 | Alicja Baryła
Have you ever heard of OLAF? No, not the cute, animated snowman but the European Anti-Fraud Office. If you are not familiar with it, here’s what you need to know. What is OLAF? According to the official definition, OLAF (French...

A guide to equipment in H2020 Projects

28.01.2022 | Ewa Ciochoń
If your project needs new equipment, that is specific supplies and/or tools, you have different options to consider. The European Commission (EC) allows you to choose between buying, leasing or renting. Read on to learn the rules and make the...

The Annotated Model Grant Agreement – What You Need to Know

24.01.2022 | Alicja Baryła
Starting on your adventure with the EIC Accelerator, it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of papers to be prepared, signed and analysed. If you have already signed your Grant Agreement (GA), you are aware that...
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