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Communication and dissemination: two sides of the same coin

15.11.2023 | Lucie Pacho Aljanati
EU Regulation 2021/695 establishing Horizon Europe and all relevant regulating documents (HE Programme Guide, the EIC work programme, Annotated Grant Agreement) states that beneficiaries must promote the project and its results as well as ensure the visibility of EU funding....

Verification of SME status in the EIC Accelerator

09.10.2023 | Eva Nyirfa
Building an Innovative Europe through the enhancement of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) is one of the three main pillars of Horizon Europe’s structure. The European Innovation Council is responsible for leading this subdomain of the programme aimed at...

The impact of parental leave on personnel cost calculations

27.09.2023 | Lucie Pacho Aljanati
When calculating the personnel costs in your Horizon Europe project, you may have one of your employees on parental leave. Does this change the personnel cost calculations? Basic rules to calculate personnel costs The formula to calculate personnel costs seems...

How to deal with currency issues in Horizon Europe projects

22.09.2023 | Lucie Pacho Aljanati
The project budget presented in your proposal is in euro. The EC grant is also in euro. For beneficiaries in the euro area, everything is straightforward. However, if you are in a non-euro area member country, you may find the...

Can you manage an EU project on your own?

07.09.2023 | Christopher Morgan
Congratulations, you’ve just won a coveted EU grant! Now, bombarded with emails, deadlines and questions, you’re reminded of all your obligations to the EU and wonder “can I manage this EU project on my own?” The simple answer is yes!...

Seconded persons in your HE project – how to charge the costs

04.09.2023 | Agata Mendrek
Personnel costs usually account for a significant portion of the budget in Horizon Europe projects. While employees are the most common type of eligible personnel costs, there are other options in the mix. One of them is the costs of...
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