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6 Key Facts about the new Personnel Unit Costs in Horizon Europe

03.05.2024 | Ewa Ciochoń
A groundbreaking change is on the horizon for Horizon Europe projects – the introduction of personnel unit costs. This innovative method promises to simplify cost reporting for beneficiaries and allow more transparent financial management. But can we count on that?...

Key takeaways once your Horizon Europe project is over

26.04.2024 | Aleksandra Ślepak
Congratulations on the successful completion of your Horizon Europe project! But is it time to enjoy and forget about the strict requirements set by the project regulations? Not quite. Even after the project wraps up, certain provisions of your Grant...

A guide to equipment in Horizon Europe

05.04.2024 | Ewa Ciochoń
A guide to equipment in Horizon Europe If your project needs new equipment, that is specific supplies and/or tools, you have different options to consider. The European Commission (EC) allows you to choose between buying, leasing or renting. Read on...

Travelling in your Horizon Europe project

03.04.2024 | Mélanie de Fays
Your project might require you to travel. Most Horizon Europe (HE) projects have travel costs foreseen in their budget – check out the details in your DoA. How to make travel costs eligible Before jumping to “what can I charge...

Transfer and licensing of results in Horizon Europe projects

29.03.2024 | Lucie Pacho Aljanati
Beneficiaries of EU grants must make their best efforts to exploit the results generated during the project directly. Alternatively, they can have them exploited indirectly by another entity through transfer or licensing. This obligation is laid down in Annex 5...

Did you know…? 5 curiosities about lump sum projects

21.03.2024 | Silvia Padovan
Who hasn’t heard or read about lump sum projects in Horizon Europe in the past few months? This is becoming a hot topic in the EU grant universe, but what do we really know about lump sum? Here are 5...
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