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Are you ready to manage a Horizon Europe project on your own?

22.02.2022 | Alicja Grzegorzek Carrascosa
You’re in the champions league of the most innovative companies in Europe – the Horizon Europe winners. You should be very proud and excited. Once you recover from the emotion, remember that receiving a grant is just the beginning. In...

The Annotated Model Grant Agreement – What You Need to Know

24.01.2022 | Alicja Baryła
Starting on your adventure with the EIC Accelerator, it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of papers to be prepared, signed and analysed. If you have already signed your Grant Agreement (GA), you are aware that...

H2020 Grant Agreement amendment in 5 steps

12.04.2021 | Alicja Baryła
The Grant Agreement (GA) is the most important document of your H2020 project. It includes all legal and financial rules, as well as the detailed plan for project execution and budget estimation. You did your best to plan your project...

H2020 project suspension – how does it work?

01.04.2020 | Ewa Ciochoń
If the execution of your H2020 project becomes impossible or excessively difficult due to exceptional circumstances, you may request to stop the project for a period of time and suspend the Grant Agreement (GA) implementation. When can project suspension be...

COVID-19 crisis in H2020 projects: is it a Force Majeure event?

31.03.2020 | Ewa Ciochoń
What is force majeure in H2020 Projects and how does it work? In addition to the human tragedy, the outbreak of Covid-19 has caused significant disruption to business on a global scale. The spread of the virus is having severe economic consequences, including...

When should you start your H2020 project?

26.09.2018 | Anna Szathmáry
One of the important decisions to make in the final stage of the Grant preparation process is when to start your EU project. There are many factors to consider in choosing a date that will facilitate recourse allocation and help...