Benefits in kind – are they eligible in H2020?

If you are in the middle of your EIC H2020 financial reporting or starting to look at which personnel cost are eligible for your project… look no further! Let us clarify benefits in kind and save you a migraine.

Benefits in kind vary depending on the employee, employer and country. Here are a few examples from projects we have worked on:

  • Transport related, such as (public) transportation allowance, fuel card or company car made available to employees for their own use
  • (Tele)work related representative costs like workwear, phone and/or internet allowance, allowance for teleworking or other materials to facilitate telework
  • Lunch vouchers
  • Health and wellbeing: for example fitness programs, corrective glasses, group life/medical insurance
  • Other benefits regulated by labour law such as eco/culture voucher or childcare

Costs of benefits in kind may be eligible under the eligible gross salary paid to the employee. To be eligible under H2020, those costs must be justified and registered as personnel costs in conformity with your usual remuneration practices and national legislation.

Keep in mind that benefits in kind must be analysed case by case as some may be applicable to your EIC project and others not.

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