Communication in H2020 projects – why is it so important?

What is it that makes a SMEi and EIC Accelerator H2020 project successful?

Is a successful project one that reaches the planned results? Certainly yes, but no matter how great the results, it makes little difference if no one knows about it. Your SMEi and EIC Accelerator H2020 project cannot be truly successful without good communication around it.

Contractual obligations

SMEi EIC and Accelerator H2020 project communication is a strategic process that starts at the very beginning of your EU-funded project and continues throughout its entire lifetime. By signing the EC Grant Agreement you agree to:

  • Promote the action and its results (Article 38 of the Model Grant Agreement),
  • Acknowledge the EU funding (Articles 27,28,29,38 of the Model Grant Agreement)

The EU emblem and reference to EU funding must be displayed in a way that is easily visible for the public and with sufficient prominence. Reference to EU funding must include information about receiving a grant and the EU flag.

Therefore, always remember to mention the funding in every communication about your H2020 project.

Inform, promote and communicate your H2020 project activities and results

Communication is about project branding, promoting it to a wide audience and making sure it has a lasting impact. It covers all aspects of the project, not just the results but the societal challenges and European added value of the project as well. You are helping raise awareness of how public money is spent and the benefits of European collaboration.

Here are a few tips on how to increase your communication impact:

  • Plan strategically – a well-defined communication plan is crucial for a successful project. Specify what you want to say, pick your target audience and plan how to reach it.
  • Integrate communication into the project’s everyday activities – treat it as an integral part of the core tasks, be active and keep the world regularly updated about what is happening in the project.
  • Tell a story, not just a list of facts – this is an effective way to make your audience support your goals by helping them understand the importance and context of the things you want to tell them.
  • Use the right medium and means – take into account a broad choice of different ways to communicate and match your message to it, i.e. one-way communication (press release, website, social media, brochure, etc.) and two-way communication (conferences, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, etc.)
  • Don’t be over-ambitious – the manner in which you communicate about your project should be proportionate to its scale.

EC guidelines about the communication in the EU funded projects can be found at:

If you want to learn more about this topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to