Did you know…? 5 curiosities about lump sum projects

Who hasn’t heard or read about lump sum projects in Horizon Europe in the past few months? This is becoming a hot topic in the EU grant universe, but what do we really know about lump sum?

Here are 5 curiosities about this specific funding scheme!

Did you know that….

  1. … the first lump sum projects were awarded in 2018?

The first lump sum pilot was launched by the European Commission in 2018, consisting of 16 topics in the H2020 work programmes 2018-2020, including different grant types and sizes of. Under the pilot, more than 500 grants were awarded and some of them are still ongoing.

  1. … the lump sum financial report is “automated”?

Say goodbye to the original cost statement, where beneficiaries indicated their actual costs split into categories! In the lump sum financial report only “completion” or “not completion” of the work package is mentioned, with an exception in the final report where “partial completion” of the work package is also accepted.

  1. … the CA DESCA model for lump sum projects were published only in January 2024?

Coordinators of lump sum consortia had to be creative in adapting the initial Development of a Simplified Consortium Agreement (DESCA) model for their Consortium Agreements. In fact, clauses were adapted to the lump sum specificities only in January 2024, 5 years after the first lump sum grants were awarded in the H2020 pilot.

  1. … in lump sum projects there is no need to keep financial records?

A dream come true or just a temporary illusion? Judging by the last information campaign about lump sum projects, it seems there are no doubts on the topic: no more financial records such as timesheets, invoices, depreciation policy or proofs of payments.

  1. … lump sum scheme is applicable to EIC in full since 2024?

The percentage of lump sum grants will increase drastically in 2024, and this is mainly due to the EIC joining the club: the EIC work programme 2024-2025 established the application of lump sum funding scheme to almost all EIC calls including EIC Accelerator, Transition and Pathfinder.

And this is just the start. We will keep up to date on the lump sum universe. If this first insight caught your attention and you are curious to know more, feel free to get in touch with us at