Impact evaluation in Horizon Europe projects

If you’ve never heard of the impact evaluation in Horizon Europe then keep reading.

With great power comes great responsibility, right? Well, securing a Horizon Europe Grant means getting funds but also complying with a series of obligations. Among those obligations, Article 25 of the Grant Agreement (GA) states that during the implementation or after the end of the project you may undergo reviews or audits on project implementation and compliance with the obligations under the Agreement.

One of the responsibilities that will fall on your lap is to facilitate the impact evaluation of your project (Art. 26 of the GA). The objective of the impact evaluation feeds into the larger EU objective to assess the impact and achievements of the Horizon Europe Programme objectives. One of the Programme’s objectives is to support the creation and diffusion of high-quality new knowledge, skills, technologies and solutions to global challenges. Another one is to foster all forms of innovation. So, the impact evaluation looks at the scientific, societal and economic impact of your R&I project and its EU added value.

Like with reviews and audits,

  • the beneficiary will receive official notification;
  • the evaluation can start during project implementation or after the end of the project. For impact evaluation it is habitually up to five years after the last payment (double check the time limit in your GA);
  • consequences for non-compliance can lead among other things to reduction of the grant, recovery of undue amounts and administrative sanctions.

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