Exploitation of H2020 projects results

When can I start selling my new product(s)?

One of the main objectives of EU investment in SMEs’ innovative projects is to bring new products to the market. In fact, funds you receive as an SME instrument beneficiary aim at making European SMEs stronger and more competitive – the EU wants to see you succeed launching a product on the market. Commercializing a product in SME Instrument jargon is referred to as the ‘exploitation’ of the project’s results.

During the H2020 project lifetime, your team is likely to develop different project results

Many project tasks will have different timelines. Because dissemination and communication activities normally start at the beginning of the project, potential clients might be aware of your product before you finish the project!

You might then ask yourself:
What if my final product is ready for commercialization before the SMEI project comes to an end?
Should I wait to bring the finished results into the market?

Actually, you should not. H2020 is different from previous framework programmes like FP7. Early commercialization of project results is not only allowed but encouraged, as long as competition rules are respected.

  • First of all, costs related to early exploitation of H2020 project results  cannot be charged to the ongoing SME Instrument project (i.e. materials purchased for production).
  • Secondly, results subject to exploitation during the project lifetime must be the finalized ones and no more work shall be performed on them by your team, nor may you charge corresponding costs to the project.
  • Finally, any unfinished, non-commercial project tasks must still be executed correctly and in line with the project work plan.

This closer-to-market focus is an opportunity to speed up the commercialization process and beat your competitors to the market.

If this is you, go for it and start selling to new clients!

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